Island of Capri! (Monday)

Today we has an amazing breakfast, got ready and caught a mini bus down to the wharf to catch a ferry to the island of Capri!!! The boat was amazing, it was sunny the water was sparkling and the excitement to see the grotto made my home sickness go away, I was happy. Once we got on the island we ran to another smaller boat to take us to the grotto! We had to beat the Asians. Once there, there was a line up of boats. Took around 20mins before small paddle boats surrounded our boat and took us in four at a time. The whole was so tiny! We had to wait for the water to go down before we could slide in, Nat freaked out but I was fine.


Naples and Pompeii (Sunday)

Today we got up super early! Because the bus to get onto our new tour left at 6:30! I was so tired! After last night and saying goodbye, I was sleep walking. But we got on our tour and headed to Naples. We went for a hour walk around around the main square. There was a massive shopping mall with four entry’s letting the wind in so it was nice and cool, and it was also made out of marble! So it was beautiful. There was also an opera should, not as fancy as the Sydney one. And apparently the city is trying to remove cars and get people to walk everywhere because its more environmentally friendly. And the city of Naples also wanted to be more of the new and modern and up to date so they built a few sky scrapers, unlike in Rome where no building is allowed to be taller then the Vatican, to pay respect. There are also 5 churches in this city. After an hour we got back on the bus and headed to Pompeii! Yay! We headed into a shop that made jewellery out of sea shells, we saw how they make it and the finished product which was pretty cool. They even carved Michel Angelo into the shell, I liked that one 🙂 then we had lunch and headed into the city of Pompeii which is all ruins that 2000 years ago was covered by ash, not lava, from Mount. Suvious. There was bath houses, where the steamed inside the walls used to heat up the rooms, and they even had floor heating! It was like a sauna, they would pour cold water onto the ground to create steam. They also had a jail, a laundry, and cooking building and lots of temples. There was even a theatre that looked like a mini colosseum. There was two cases of two humans that had died from the ash, of course they weren’t the real things, they were made out of clay but I was still cool to see them. After walking for 2.5 hours in the sun I got a tan yay! After Pompeii we headed to our hotel, which dad surprisingly had spent a little more on because it was amazing! Beautiful views, lots of space a pool and sauna! Haha and wonderful food again! We had dinner and crashed we were so tired! The hotel looks over the bay which is just Devine, during dinner we could even see some fireworks 🙂 was lovely. Tomorrow is the island of Capri 😀 yay!



















Rome! (Saturday)

Today we woke up, headed down to breakfast and then set off to the Vatican city. Which has roughly 900 people (nuns, priests and the pope) living in it, it’s actually its own Provence (state), of course its the smallest provence though. Michel Angelo painted the walls and roof of the church which took him 8.5years, he had no social life. Literally he died at the age of 89 and never once got with a women. No photos were allowed in this section. But I saw the photo he painted of the two fingers almost touching which is the creation of humans or males, as females were made from Adams body. But the biggest church in Rome was open to photos and all the paintings in the church are mosaics they are not paintings because mosaics don’t fade like paintings. The black gate you see in one of the photos is where people get married at the Vatican, yes you have to book in advance but it isn’t that expensive same with being baptised. There was also German Swiss guards there to protect the pope and the city. The church was so big it could fit 30,000 standing people. And in the court yard there was 148 statues symbolising the 148 popes of the world. In the middle was a really tall marble tower with a cross on top which was 2000 years old. But these statues were made out of a few pieces, not one piece of marble like the statue of David which makes him famous, done by Michel. There was also another statue of Jesus and Mary done by Michel, but this time Michel had signed his name on the work of art, Along a sash that was on Mary’s chest next to her breast. After the Vatican and some ice cream, we saw some more ruins around the colosseum before going in. 600 years ago earthquakes took two thirds of the outer shell of the colosseum away. But later on scientist found out that there is an underwater river stream through the middle of the colosseum. It took 20,000 jewish slaves to build this famous landmark, it was built with iron in between the rocks. If this hadn’t been taken our for reuse the colosseum wouldn’t have changed much in fact 95% of it would still be standing. After the colosseum we (the cosmos tour family) took a group photo together. And then we headed back to the hotel for showers, a nap, gelato, free time and to pack, because in the morning everyone was leaving 😦 saying goodbye to everyone was the hardest, we had become our own little family 😦 even though we annoyed each other at times we were like sisters and brothers. We exchanged contact details and promised we would have a reunion 😀 I can’t wait!













First day in Rome! (Friday)

Today we woke up had a pretty bad breakfast apart from the hot chocolates and got on the road. We eventually got to the leaning tower of Pisa! And it was incredible! A little smaller then I had imagined but it was great! Another one of my favourite buildings 🙂 20130713-075450.jpg20130713-075459.jpg20130713-075506.jpg
I even got to go inside and see the view 🙂 it was a workout getting up there though but so worth it. Only 260 steps and 6 levels and it was closed in 1990 for 10years because it was getting fixed up and becoming safe for future tourists. Being in the actually tower you can feel the ‘lean’ a lot more. 20130713-075611.jpg20130713-075605.jpg20130713-075618.jpg20130713-075624.jpg20130713-075630.jpg20130713-075639.jpg20130713-075645.jpg
After the amazing tower of Pisa we went to Rome! And visited the incredible Trevior fountain! Which is another one of my favourites 🙂 apparently the coins are collected daily and it averages out to €3,000, which is donated to charity. Yay! I flicked my coin in so hopefully ill come back to Rome one day 🙂






After the fountain everyone got gelato! Then we visited some old buildings and played tip haha and then we went back to the hotel for an hour before going it to our last dinner 😦 so sad but everyone got a rose which was nice 🙂 by everyone I mean all the females, of course 🙂








8th travelling tip is. . .

My 8th travelling tip is to stick with the people you came with. Especially in touristy areas where there are lots of people, losing someone takes time and its stress you don’t need. Either go in pairs and have a meeting point or tell the other person where you are going and don’t move from there.

8th travelling tip is. . .

My 8th travelling tip is to stick with the people you came with. Especially in touristy areas where there are lots of people, losing someone takes time and its stress you don’t need. Either go in pairs and have a meeting point or tell the other person where you are going and don’t move from there.